[Quality!] Coffee with a Cause

An easy way to support our work, simply make the switch of where you buy your beans.

How it works


Choose Your Level

Our coffee is better than what you’re drinking right now. We promise. Simply choose the amount of beans you want every month.


Open Your Door

The only thing better than good coffee is good coffee coming to you. You choose your level, then we’ll deliver to you for free.


Sip and Enjoy

Feel great about the taste, the sourcing of the bean, and how your coffee is making an impact in South Minneapolis and beyond.

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1 x 12 oz. bag each month
(whole bean)


2 x 12 oz. bags each month
(whole bean)

Wholesale: For our church and corporate leaders, consider making the switch today. Email coffee@aceinthecity.org for more information about our wholesale accounts.